One beautiful day 6 embryo is on board, maybe settling into the lining of ye ole ute (maybe not) that I feel like I’ve been been building up via estrogen patches and pills for a very long time.


that’s a lovely embryo, amirite? (yes. maybe slightly biased) 

I think the embryo is starting to hatch, but the embryologist didn’t talk much about that nor do they provide grades for them as other clinics do.

let's do this thing

all ready to go. Full bladder – check. Valium – check.

The procedure itself is relatively simple. The embryoligist loads the wee teeny embryo into a cathedar and the doctor threads the cathedar into the cervix and up to the uterus while an ultrasound tech watches it float into the uterus. It’s pretty crazy stuff and even crazier that that little ball of cells has the potential to become a real live human baby in 9 short months. It’s incredible really and even more incredible this time to be remembering that we saw Kate at that very same embryonic stage and now she is a walking, talking, hilarious, sweet nearly two year old tiny human.

The procedure went off without a hitch, I was not miserable (always a fear of mine as I am big water drinker. I had to empty my bladder as it was too full for the saline sonogram a month or so ago). The drive home was long as it was Friday afternoon in Chicago, but thanks to the valium (I guess) I fell asleep so it seem rather short.

I started progesterone in oil shots in the bum a week ago. Ho-leee crap those are some long, intimidating needles. They’re intramuscular and go in the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks. Thankfully C administers these in the morning before he leaves for work so I don’t have to contort my body while trying to stab myself with a needle longer than my thumb.

Speaking of needles, I did an acupuncture session the day before and after the transfer. My acupuncturist gave me a hard time about not coming months leading up to it and not planning to continue treatments, but at $70 a pop, it’s just not in the budget.



My little ones spent Thursday night at their Grandma’s house (my MIL) and had a blast. The clinic doesn’t schedule the transfer times until the day before and our last transfer was at 9 am, so we figured it would be about the same. Instead, the transfer wasn’t until 2:45 in the afternoon and C and I had some time to sleep in in the morning and have dinner at a delicious Chicago dive (Big and Little’s). C had a beer-battered deep-fried cheeseburger with was ridiculous. I had a couple of delicious tacos and we split truffle fries. It was a nice afternoon and good spend time as couple.

I was on bed rest yesterday and “couch potato rest” which is not easy with two kids. C is doing a pretty good job keeping them entertained, but I hate not being to care for them as I usually would. I’m not supposed to lift more than 10 lbs til after the pregnancy test.

Blood test at the clinic 10/5. I don’t plan to test before then (and not have any HPTs in the house) so I’ll post again when I know.

Just trying to keep the hamster brain quiet til then.


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  1. I have been reading for a few years, but I think this might be my first comment? Anyway, positive thoughts and prayers your way! Chicago is one of my favorite cities and we love Big & Little’s!

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