1 week countdown

The month of September has flown by, as have the nightly Lupron injections, estrogen patches, estridol pills, and weekly monitoring appointments.

Lupron gave me some headaches and hot flashes, but just two more shots of it and I’m done with that bit. The worst hot flash was before I started estrogen, I was in JCPenney shopping for a gift with Kate sleeping on my back when I felt my temperature start to rise and knees get weak. Eventually I made it out of there with sweat dripping down my back and face and with a raging headache. Blasting the a/c in the car and a smoothie from Starbucks helped.

The others have been minor in comparison, but the dull headache has hung around for a few weeks. Anyway, all of these meds have apparently done their job, I had my last lining check this morning. My lining is 8.6 and triple stripe. I switch to PIO shots starting Monday morning. Transfer of our lone frozen embryo is next Friday and pregnancy test is Monday, October 5th. 

I can’t believe it’s finally time to do this – I’ve been taking meds for this transfer since July 24th. (The birth control pills made me extremely bloated, I ovulated through them, and I passed some pretty crazy clots. Never again.)

I feel pretty ready for this. I was afraid I would freak out at or after the transfer, but I’m ready. I may panic either way after the pregnancy test – scared and bracing myself for another miscarriage if it’s positive or devastated that our last hope for another pregnancy is gone. For today, I’m good and taking this one day at a time. It’s pretty hands off at these point. 


7 thoughts on “1 week countdown

  1. Wow!! It’s almost here….I can’t believe this all started in July!! Thinking good positive thoughts for you!!! It’s definitely a different place to be standing after all you’ve been through to get the two beautiful babies you have. Only one week to go….

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