house woes

And so, once again, I totally suck at blogging. or opening up my computer. Or commenting. sigh. sorry. Hello, there.

This house. this new to us booby trap of a foreclosure. We’ve been here since August and knew that the place needed some TLC when we moved in, but I did not foresee the winter we’ve had. It’s been, ugh, a pretty terrible first winter in it. We’ve had no heat on more than one occasion (at one point thought we needed a new furnace), a carbon monoxide scare where we called the fire department, a burst water pipe (due to shitty insulation and furnace not up to snuff), a leaky roof (the roof needs replacing, about 15K job, but we are trying to get by caulking all the trouble spots), $400 gas bills, broken rotten windows with gaping holes, mice infestation (we have caught over 45 mice since living here), raccoon infestation (said coons were gone, but had left lots of lovely remnants in our attic) and most recently a minor house fire. Thank god it was minor, I heard it start and was able to snuff it out, but holy shit it was terrifying. We need a new bathroom counter top and installed new smoke alarms as not a single one of ours went off even though the entire house was filled with smoke and each smoke detector was new (2013) and had working batteries.

All of these things make me question why we live in this place and what possessed us to leave the comfort of our old townhouse and move here. This house requires so much attention and makes me question our financial well-being with some emergency every month. We’ve been very fortunate, though, that we’ve been very lucky in each case and things could have been so much worse. I was home when the water pipe burst and able to get the water off fairly quickly, we were able to fix the furnace, patch the roof, put out the fire.

This post is meant to remind me of why we bought this place and give you a tour of said house even in the always messy state that it is in (which is why I’ve never actually taken and posted pictures).

1 – the yard. It’s…amazing…or will be, at least. We are on almost 2 acres and back to wetlands that will never be built on. The view is awesome, there’s plenty of space for a garden, swing set, fire pit, sand box and chickens. I really need to get my hands dirty this year working on landscaping and gardening, but cannot wait to see the yard come to life this year as a place for the kids to play, flowers to grow.


the view out our back window. There is a fire pit behind the trees in the back, the garden will go were the pile of limbs is, and we need to remove and redo were the stones and old fountain was.


2 – the location. We are seemingly in the country if you look out the back but if you cross the street, there is a large subdivision I can run on miles and miles of paved pathways and easily run or bike to many parks, baseball fields, and ponds.

027 copy

3 – house features. screened in porch. Tub for two with jets in the master bath. nice, big bed rooms for the kids with plenty of room for them to grow (or share, if need be).

015 copy

Yes. There are always toys and blankets strewn across the floor. This is life with a 17 month old.


023 copy

Kate’s room. There’s always laundry to be put away.


4 – the windows. Skylights. floor to ceiling windows featuring a beautiful view.

003 copy

5 – storage / extra space – We have a 3 car garage and a large utility room for storage. The bathroom cabinets have much more space for storage as well and better closet space. This was one of the biggest problems we had in our townhouse, so it’s so nice this is not an issue any more.

This is C's sink in our bathroom, I have one just like it and we each have our own walk in closet.

This is C’s sink in our bathroom, I have one just like it and we each have our own walk in closet.


I already feel a bit better after writing all this out – after the house fire I was panicky that we’d made the wrong decision. Spring is near and I’m hopeful that with it things in this house will look a lot brighter and we can stop putting out fires (both, erm, literal and figurative) and start turning the outside into what we want it to be.

6 thoughts on “house woes

  1. Wow, what an amazing house for your kids to grow up in! I yearn for outdoor space like you have for mine. That being said, I totally can relate to the financial panic of having a money pit- we moved into our townhouse to save money and the first 3 months encountered $20k of unexpected repairs/expenses. It’s incredibly disheartening and scary. I am so sorry for all you’ve been through, and I hope things settle down soon and you can really enjoy your beautiful home!

  2. It looks like an amazing place to raise your family – those windows and skylights are incredible!! And I’m certain that once you make it your own and manage to take care of some of those biggest issues, you’ll feel more settled and happy! I’d also bet money that once spring comes you’ll see a huge reduction in the number of mice INSIDE the home, so that’ll be good. 😉

  3. Wow, that is quite a bit of stuff to have to deal with in such a short amount of time. Thanks for the tour of the home. I’ve seen bits and pieces from pictures you’ve posted before, but those windows in the living room and the view really are spectacular! I know JJ would love to have some land; it’s awesome you are able to provide that for your kids to grow up with!

  4. Holy crap! I didn’t know about the fire! I sympathize with it feeling like a money pit…this adulting thing is kind of whack.

    That said, your window are AMAZEBALLS. Like, whoa. I am so excited for you guys and that YARD this summer. The secret train track business is the coolest thing ever.

  5. I’m sorry things have been rough so far – and I agree that the house has amazing potential. It’s seriously wonderful. Look forward to hearing about the process of making it everything you want it to be.

  6. You have a beautiful home! I agree it can be a bit daunting owning a home but oh think of the possibilities. So amazing. And on 2 acres? Bonus. I hope you don’t encounter any more “house” stuff…and you can start having fun with it.

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