One month in – progress

This is probably the fifth time I’ve come here to attempt to update you all on my progress on my 2015 goals. I’ll make this short and sweet so I’ll actually post it.

With the help of some friends to develop a plan that will fit into my schedule, I’ve been making working out – working on me more of a priority these last three weeks. The first week I kicked butt – lost 5 pounds – and I’ve maintained that but haven’t lost much more in the weeks to follow. I’m running, shredding, P90xing, doing some Dailey Method (barre classes) and yoga. (huge thank you to SRB for the encouragement)

A week ago, I decided to take my commitment a step further and sign up for a half marathon in May to focus my goals even further. I am really excited to take the plunge – 13.1 miles is further than I’ve ever run and I’m not stressed at the thought of trying to get there. I think it is manageable, I ran a hilly 6 miles on Saturday pushing 70 lbs of kid in a stroller and I was exhausted afterwards, but it was enjoyable. Just need to push it a bit further each week and i’ll get there. It’s always been a goal of mine to finish the Indianapolis Mini-marathon and I’m excited that this is the year I’m planning to do it.

hobby-wise, i bought some super cute fabric to make a pillow for a reading bench in Kate’s room and some more fabric for some suck pads for the Kinderpack. My MIL is planning to come over relatively soon to help me tackle these projects – I am so excited to learn how to sew. I have lots of ideas of what I want to do, but I don’t really know how to execute them.

And as for gardening, I borrowed couple of books from the library that I have thus far failed to read. The Self Sufficient Life and How to Live It and Starter Vegetable Gardens. But, hey, they aren’t due yet, so, uh, there’s still time.

Being more comfortable in my own skin – this is huge. I went shopping – by myself- for four hours and bought jeans that fit. After trying on approximately a bajillion pairs, I brought home two pairs. I was thrilled that though I feel like everything is still very lumpy and strange, I’m actually still the same jean size I have been for years and years, which was a nice discovery. Things are just fitting me differently these days and I need to adjust the way I’m carrying my weight. I used to be a very pear-shaped girl, small on top ( I could even fit into a size 6 at times) and a 14 on bottom. Now, I’m pretty much the same on the bottom, but bigger on the top due to nursing boobs and some leftover fluff from carrying a pretty large baby.

I feel a whole lot more okay with this, and while shopping I really surprised myself that it was the clothes that I hated when they didn’t fit, and not WHY IS MY BODY WRONG. My body is fine. No, it’s amazing. It carried two kids and sustained them both for over a year on breastmilk. Anyway. Yes, it’s different, but it should be. I’m 31, I’ve been through childbirth and pregnancies and breastfeeding and depression and IUI/IVF cycles and miscarriages. This is where I am, and I will model body love and acceptance and healthy living for my kids and always strive to be the best version of myself I can be.

Photography – I’ve done a few mini photoshoots with the kids and a couple of selfies. Here are a few faves:

217 copy


Halloween? No, just a random Tuesday.

Halloween? No, just a random Tuesday.

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Hope to do some blog reading later this week. Hope everyone is well.

6 thoughts on “One month in – progress

  1. YAY! I’m so glad you’ve been able to focus on YOU so much lately. Happy wife, happy life, and all that. 😉 It’s so great to work on being strong and healthy and embracing the bodies that have done SO MUCH for us and our kids. It’s pretty darn cool when you think about it.

  2. Great big old smile on my face reading this post! Makes me think of a post you wrote a long time ago, I think before your cycle with Kate. So glad you are feeling good about your body lately. And DUDE. I have to say that it is YOU encouraging ME!!! This buddy system is really working 🙂

  3. Good for you! Finding a good pair of jeans with just the right fit is such a good feeling. And way to go on the exercise!! There is no way I could run a race, let alone a mile. You’ll rock it! What a good start to 2015!

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