times, they are a changin’

It’s been three months since I last updated. It wasn’t intentional, at all. In my last post, I talked about wanting to get into posting more, actually. I kind of hit a block – I don’t know what to say. I feel past my IF journey, and that’s what this place was (and my old IF blog) and what I was comfortable writing about here. I find it tough to navigate that right tone of parenting / gratefulness / talking about kids, etc.

Things are crazy busy, but in a good way. C and I decided to take a leap we’ve been contemplating for a long time – renting out our townhouse and purchasing a single family home with some land. I’ve been busting my ass off whoneedsiting the shit out of this place for months now. Our townhome honestly looks fantastic. It was on the market two days before we had a full price rental application! The renters are three guys in their early twenties, all with good jobs, great credit (for 2 of them, 1 of them is ok). We received the application yesterday and I have to be honest as much as I’m ready to be done with this house, I’m already feeling very emotional about someone else living here. in the home that we brought our two babies home to, the place where my husband gave me follistim injections that made Kate, the place where ultrasound pictures of both kids hung proudly on the fridge during pregnancies. The room where i’ve rocked my babies to sleep and nursed for endless hours. The house that we came home to after our honeymoon, the place where we’ve made many dinners.


good bye, old friend

There’s also this feeling of being so ready to be out of here too. This is a house I’ve felt very “stuck” in. We bought in 2006, right before the market plummeted. It’s worth about 60K less than we bought it for and we can’t sell without taking a loss right now. Thankfully, the rental market here is good and we are approved for a loan for the new foreclosure house, then hopefully we can pay our mortgage down for a few years and then eventually sell. In hindsight, it all seems to have worked out, I guess. In 2010, we probably would have moved to Indiana if we’d had the chance (if the market was good), that was our plan when we bought in 2006. But, Indiana doesn’t have the great fertility treatment coverage that Illinois has, and, well, without it there would be no Kate. So, I guess it all worked out alright.

hello, new home

hello, new home

It is time now. It’s scary, but we are ready to leap forward. Our new house (hopefully – our tentative closing date is 8/8 right now) is a ranch with a full basement, 3 car garage, and 2 very overgrown and wild acres. It’s been vacant since 2011 except for the mice and other critters who are currently occupying our new house. There’s a lot of work to be done. The inspection report was 68 pages long. There’s mold. There’s mouse and likely raccoon poop. There’s a hole in the roof. But my husband loves this place and is so excited to work on it. I could talk about the new house for a while – but hopefully – I will try to do another post with the details.

Kids are good. I actually had a really lovely day with my son today, he was sweet and loving to me and played so well with his sister. I stroked his hair as he took a rare nap. Kate is just .. pure happiness. She is the smiliest, silliest baby. She has some food allergies that threw me for a loop a few weeks back but she hasn’t had a reaction in a while. According to a blood test, she is allergic to dairy, soy, and wheat. (remind you of a diet a certain IFer (umm, me) once did to assist in getting pregnant interesting, no?)

Anyway. Off to bed for me. I’m afraid this post will be a drive by – so much to pack. we have to be out of here on the 15th but I don’t know if we’re moving our stuff to the new house (closing date is so up in the air since banks are so effing slow) or loading it into a pod for storage for a month. We’ll be living with my in-laws for at least a month probably. I hope to catch up a bit some time soon, but I am not optimistic and I don’t know why I can’t seem to find the time to blog and read when others can. I am lucky to open my computer for 10 minutes once a day, but usually i am checking email, paying bills, or doing house paper work. But I do think of you all often and hope everyone is well.

(I seem to be decent at popping in on twitter daily / instagram / facebook would love to connect there if we haven’t already).

5 thoughts on “times, they are a changin’

  1. So exciting to hear from you! After seeing your post on FB about your current place, I was intrigued to hear what the new plan is! What a big change! Good for you guys!!!!

    Good luck with the move!

  2. The house we lived in before we bought this one was just a rental, but I lived there for 6 years – 4 of them with Charlie – and though it was kind of a shit hole, it was still very bittersweet to leave it. Funny how we get sentimental about these things. 🙂 I cannot wait to see what you guys do with this new space – all that room for the kids to roam and play!!!

  3. Very Very exciting times for you all!! Your new house sounds wonderful! Best of luck and the new memories you’ll make there!

  4. Would love to connect with you on FB…you can find me under “Amy Waszczyk”.

    Moving is exciting and scary at the same time. We’ve lived in our place since 2006 as well, and hubs is so ready to move. But I’m not emotionally there yet 🙂

  5. I also simply cannot find time to post and marvel at those who can. It’s nice to see a post from you though. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your new home as you fix it up and get settled. I’ve been really impressed at how you’ve forged through this whole moving process.

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