About a month ago, I decided to take the plunge and chop my hair off. I wore my long hair back most of the time anyway and I was so tired of it. I kept finding strands of it everywhere – in the baby’s diaper, around her hand, in my car, the shower, stopping up the vacuum cleaner, etc etc. I rarely had time to dry it so there wasn’t much point in having it long anyway.

And so, I cut. it. all. off.

For me, there’s something truly liberating and transformative about a cut this significant. I left feeling lighter, brighter, and happy. I felt like me.

Here is the before:

iphone 314

This is the cut:

iphone 568

And this is me the last time my hair was short, when I was about 20 and first dating my husband. Ten years ago.

haircut crop

A DECADE ago. That’s crazy.

I love that this style takes 5 minutes to do after a shower. I love that my baby can’t tug on it and it doesn’t get caught in my ring sling carrier. But mostly I love that it makes me FEEL young, happy, and reminds me of those early soooo in love days with Carlos.

Have you had a haircut that you loved? Have you ever taken the plunge and made a significant change to your look? Did you have any regrets?



8 thoughts on “haircut

  1. I love your short hair!!! Obviously I am a fan of short hair in general as mine is very short and has been since just after Lids was born. It really does make things so much easier! 🙂 There are definitely times I wish mine was long again but I am sure if I grew it out, I would just want to cut it off again, especially in this heat. Way to go you for taking that plunge. You look fantastic!

  2. I think you look adorable with short hair. I don’t think I could pull the look off but I love that so many blog friends have taken the plunge recently. I always feel really good after a new color or cut as well. Change is good!

  3. I did the same thing in early January and can I just say, I did it for all the same reasons you did. I could have written this post! The only difference is that my lovely sister told me it made me look older – oh well! As a good friend’s husband said “Would you rather look young or sexy?” The 5 minutes and out the door is the BEST!

  4. You look fabulous! I loathe finding my hair all over the place {the stairs, the sink, the floor} so frustrating. I so wish I could pull off short hair but I so can’t! I am glad that you’re feeling more intune with yourself – that’s a biggie!
    Rock your short hair!

  5. LOOOOOOVE the new hair cut! It looks amazing!

    I’ve worn my hair very short before. And very long. And every possibilities in between. Right now I have really long hair, the longest it’s been since I was very young, actually. It’s so long that i’m trying to wait it out for a few more inches and then cut it all off for Locks of Love. We’ll see if I make it. It’s kind of driving me crazy right now. The idea of waiting for three more inches to grow–and then having to cut it all the way up to my shoulders–kind of stresses me out. But I’ve always wanted to do Locks for Love and I’m soooooo close. I hope I can make it happen.

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