The Monday Snapshot: 3 months edition

My baby is suddenly 3 months old. I love this age. The smiles, coos, giggles. The more reliable sleeping and eating patterns, interactions between big bro and lil sister, ahh, it’s nice. but it’s still a bit crazy. I still feel as though I have very little time to myself to think, to digest, to be me. But that’s alright, because these kids? They’re incredible. worth it all. I just hope I’m doing okay by them.

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6 thoughts on “The Monday Snapshot: 3 months edition

  1. Holy smokes, Kate and Bryson look very similar! I cannot believe it! Kaye looks like she’s thinning out though – Bryson is NOT!

    Three months is a wonderful age!

    I love the photos of all three of you. You look great!

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