one year ago yesterday…

…I had my embryo transfer of the one little tiny microscopic embryo that would become the chubby bundle of a baby who is sleeping soundly in her baby swing right this very minute.

The whole thing is nothing short of miraculous, am I right? Amazing that this…


Became this…


How very much can change in a year. I feel so far away from the woman who went through all that to get pregnant with her second child, to tell you the truth. I am awed by how much I did to make that little embryo stick. The diet. The acupuncture. The shots. The appointments.


It was all so very, very worth it. Goosebumps, y’all.


2 thoughts on “one year ago yesterday…

  1. What a perfect little miracle.. one year later 🙂 This post makes me so happy. I am so glad you are where you are today and everything worked out the way it did. I know it wasn’t always easy but I am sure it was worth it now.

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