2013 in review

I love new year’s eve (almost) every year. I love unpacking the memories of the past year, the good the bad. Sometimes it sucks looking back on a terrible year, but I love the hope and promise of a clean start in the new year. Remembering the last new year’s even and thinking what my hopes and dreams held then and mentally tallying what was accomplished and what wasn’t and what I want to accomplish in the nest year.

Last New Year’s Eve, I had one thing in mind for 2013 – a sibling for my son. We went through 3 IUI cycles in 2012, all 3 of them with a negative result, and IVF was just around the corner. I was on a strict fertility friendly diet, at my lowest weight in a long time, feeling pretty awesome about my physique, and ready to throw everything I had into IVF. I was pretty terrified to go through in vitro. I was scared of getting pregnant and losing it. Getting no eggs at retrieval, no embryos, etc, etc. But we went for it and obviously it was worth every once of effort.

The fact that I got pregnant, stayed pregnant, and delivered a beautiful baby girl via VBAC all in 2013 is beyond my wildest dreams. I chalk 2013 up to one amazing, incredibly fortunate year that I still can’t really believe happened.

I’m really proud of myself in 2013. I advocated for myself. I put trust back in my body. I fought for – and achieved – a VBAC. I went with my gut and went against my original OB’s wishes .

I carried a baby for 41 weeks and some change.

holy wow, I was huge. this was at 35 weeks.

holy wow, I was huge. this was at 35 weeks.

I parented this beautiful boy and watched him become the hilarious, sweet toddler that he is.


I celebrated 7 years of marriage with my very handsome husband.

michigan city 2013 433 copy

I met this beautiful baby girl.

photo (75)

My daughter. wow.

It was a hell of a year. So, basically, in 2014? enjoy my hard-won family.

More specifically, I have a few things I want to focus on:

  • Get back to a strong, healthy me
  • Complete a sewing project (tips for beginner projects? I have a machine I have used exactly once. I just need to start playing!) or other hobby / just for me activity.
  • Run a 5K (and a 10K if I get there!)
  • Make staying in touch with friends a priority (how to fit this in with the care of two kids? I’m not exactly sure.)
  • Visit family more
  • Go on a family vacation
  • Marriage growth – Make date nights and time together a priority. Go on a weekend getaway just the two of us.
  • House – de-clutter, cleanup, and get the house in top shape to SELL!

What are you trying to focus on this year?


7 thoughts on “2013 in review

  1. Awwww. What a year, my friend! Cheers to your beautiful family of FOUR (OMG! BABY CAKE!) and all the best to you on the adventures this year will surely bring you. Much love to you, you rad lady.

  2. Yay for 2013! I also had a fabulous year, and I feel bad saying that because I feel like most everyone is talking about how bad it sucked… but for us it was AWESOME! I’m also focusing on just enjoying my family of four this coming year. Right now we’re not really enjoying ourselves and I really want to change that. I want to work on reconnecting with my 3.5 year old, who is having a REALLY hard time, keeping things good with my husband despite all the stress, and just keeping the house in decent shape (I’d love it to be clean enough to have play dates every once in a while). Oh, and my word for this year is PATIENCE because lord knows I’m going to need it.

    Congrats on an amazing year! I’m so happy for you and your family!

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