one week.

wow, sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. I can’t believe it’s been nearly three weeks since I’ve updated!

I’m still here. 40w5d pregnant today. I am…huge, tired, exhausted. I don’t sleep well, there’s a lot of tossing and turning, aching hips, and getting up to pee 5-plus times a night. I have one pair of jeans, one pair of yoga pants to wear. Most of the time when I’m home, you can find me in sweats and one of my husband’s t-shirts. I am, obviously, ready to be done at nearly 41 weeks pregnant. But, i could be feeling a lot worse. My body truly tolerates pregnancy pretty well, so I can’t complain much.

I had one good appointment and one really shitty appointment at the OB this week.

The bad appointment was on Tuesday afternoon. I slept horribly on Monday night, I was up for two hours in the middle of the night for no reason. I went to the OB’s office for a non-stress test and regular check-up with the doctor in the afternoon, sweet toddler boy in tow. Lady baby performed beautifully for the NST – a lot of movement and heart rate accelerations just like they want to see. Everything with me looked perfect too, as far as blood pressure and no protein in the urine. Then we waited for 40 minutes in the room for the doctor to show up, and when he was there he was hurried and not his usual self. His first question was “ready to give up yet?” which just rubbed me the wrong way. I replied with a meek “no.” He then checked me – I was 1.5 cm dilated but not very soft. He stripped my membranes. Then he asked me again if I was ready to give up, I said no again, then he said “Come back for another check on Thursday and we’ll talk then.” I asked if I would be ok to continue with the pregnancy through to Tuesday at least as long as all looks good, and he replied, again, “we’ll talk Thursday.”

I left feeling deflated, defeated, and like the doctor I’d switched to was feeding me lies all along about how long he was comfortable with letting a healthy pregnancy continue. I’d been told 12 days past due date provided baby and me both look good. We both did – excellent, even – there was no reason to put the brakes on this early. I cried most of the 40 minute drive home, I felt like my doctor had already given up on me and again, I wasn’t given the chance for my body to do anything. Leopold’s favorite question lately is “are you happy?” whenever I get a bit frustrated with him or appear unhappy (it is both cute, and maddening…) so I am trying to hold in tears and my 2 year old asks consistently “are you happy” all the way home was not a good mix.

I went to acupuncture Wednesday night, and he was also pretty down about the whole thing. It was just deflating, I wasn’t that far past my due date, I didn’t understand why a switch was flipped with all of my providers were suddenly treating me like a lost cause.

Carlos went with me to my appointment on Thursday morning, another NST and check up with the OB. I was prepared to argue to continue til 41.5 weeks and wanted him there for moral support. It turns out there was no need – the doctor is totally fine with me continuing with the pregnancy until next Friday – one week from today (41w5d). The baby looked great on the NST again, I’m all good and I even was a dilated a little bit more 2 cms, softer, and the baby’s head is further down than it was on Tuesday. He stripped my membranes again and said he hoped to see me at the hospital this weekend :). I really hope that lady baby decides to come SOON, but I feel like another week is a fair shot and as much as I can ask for. I may argue to wait to do anything til after next weekend, but we’ll see how I feel and how baby looks if we get there.

One more week. I have one week to get this baby out. She’s got to come one way or another. I’m not surprised I’m still pregnant, this is why I searched for a doctor who was willing to let me go to nearly a full 42 weeks if necessary.

Come on out, lady baby! It’s time. I’m ready. We’re all ready!

8 thoughts on “one week.

  1. Let the count down begin….you are both healthy and doing amazingly well. Here’s to good news over the next few days….if not we’ll see each other in L&D….Good luck and I have everything crossed lady baby comes out the old fashioned way soon!! ((HUGS))

  2. I’m so glad you and baby are doing well!! I found the last few days of not knowing when (if? Cuz I was induced with my first) I’d go into labor very mentally and emotionally exhausting, especially after 3 weeks of pretty regular false labor. Hang in there! Do whatever you need to to encourage yourself. Come, lady baby, come! Your momma is ready to meet you!

  3. I was wondering if we hadn’t heard from you because lady baby had come or if you were still waiting. I’m glad you have another week. I hope you can get things started. I’d recommend things except I’ve been trying them all for three weeks to no avail so it would be silly to suggest you do them. I soooooooo hope lady baby decides to make a move before 41.5 weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. Hang in there lady! And hold out as long as possible! I’m hoping hard that you go into labor naturally before a forced eviction. Hopefully she’s here already!

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