38w2d check

I had my weekly OB appointment this morning. Thankfully I am healthy and my body is doing great with being extremely pregnant – my blood pressure was a beautiful 100/60, no protein in urine, I lost a pound, fundal height is right on track measuring 38 weeks (by no means do I think this means an average sized baby as Leopold measured right on nearly every week and was 9#5 at 39 weeks), and baby’s heartbeat sounded great. Baby is still head down, though she gave us a little scare when the doc couldn’t find her head right away and only found it down on the second, longer external check.

Then it was time for my first internal check to see if anything is happening down there – and the answer is not much. I am maybe a fingertip dilated right now, the same as I was at this point in pregnancy with Leopold. This is what I expected and mentally tried to prepare myself for, but i am still bummed out. I wish so much that I would have heard “wow, you’re nearly 2 centimeters already!” It would have really shown me that things will be different – easier – this time around as I only made it to 3 cm after 24 hours of induction. If I don’t dilate before 41/42 weeks there’s really nothing that can be done and I’m heading for a repeat c-section. I toyed with the idea of NOT being checked today, but my acupuncturist said he has to know so he knows how to treat me at my next induction session with him (Thursday night).

I know it is still early, there is still time for things to happen, but I don’t understand why this can’t come more easily for me as it does for so many others. Why can’t I be the chick who spontaneously goes into labor at 38 weeks and after 5 hours pops out a baby? Why can’t I be the woman whose first check she’s 3 centimeters dilated and there’s no doubt things will happen it’s just a matter of when? Nope, I’m still the infertile pregnant hopeful VBACer whose cervix is locked up tight and we’ll just have to wait and wait and wait so more to see what will happen. I feel like I am at the end of a marathon and I still can’t see the finish line nor do I have any idea if it’s an obtainable goal.

Yes, I will try to get my zen back and be patient and do my hypnobabies meditations and walk a million more miles, yadda yadda yadda I still have 4 more weeks. But I’m bummed and that’s okay for me to say – I’m frustrated. I thought more things were going on down there than last time. I’ve felt contractions, even if they are just Braxton Hicks, and some weird cervical sensations where it feels like something is pounding it’s way out on a few different occasions, I was hopeful that it all meant something was going on and the body was on it’s way. But so far, it’s deja vu of last time.

I do know that it’s a very good thing that I switched doctors, otherwise my old doctor would be trying to set me up for a repeat c-section already, I’d already be having weekly NSTs, and she would be scaring me into getting this baby out ASAP. A friend due the day before me goes to her and will be induced this Friday. I am happy I switched and I get this extra time to give my body a chance. whatever will be will be, I just have to roll with it. I am and I will, and I’ll do everything in my power to be in the right frame of mind and prepare physically for labor.

Deep breaths. I will meet my baby this month, one way or another, not much longer…I can do this.

11 thoughts on “38w2d check

  1. I’m sorry things aren’t moving along already. That must be so frustrating. Is there anything else you can do besides acupuncture and walking? I’m definitely going to start shoving Primrose Oil up my hoo ha starting next week (which I did with Isa) hoping that will help things along. I’m also going to start getting busy in the bedroom (even if I have to do so by myself, which is probably how it will go down. 😉 I really hope that baby girl makes her way out without a c/s. Remember you still have a LOT of time and a lot can happen. Good luck!

    • thanks
      I did the primrose oil last time and it didn’t make a difference for me, but I am willing to give it a shot again. I just have to find it…

      And yes, uncomfortable sex is on the list…come on, prostoglandins!

  2. Induced already???? At not even 39 weeks? I’m glad you switched, too. I went from fingertip dilated at 38 weeks to 3 cm at 39 weeks and then the baby right afterward. I’m very glad my doctors did not decide at the 38 week checkup that my healthy, normal pregnancy was somehow compromised!

    I’m sorry you aren’t seeing more progress. That doesn’t mean you won’t or can’t soon. I hope it happens easily and quickly for you this time.

  3. I was told (& have read) with my second that early dilation isn’t normal. The baby doesn’t engage in the birth canal until during actual labor and instead floats above until right before (part of the reason second deliveries can happen faster than firsts). Still prayers for you for continued progress & a healthy delivery, baby & mama!

  4. Well, I was still “long and closed” at 41 weeks, but I did make it to 10cm dilated after all. Not that that stopped me from needing a c-section, but that was because P’s head was wedged into my pelvis sideways and she was very stressed. So hey, look on the bright side, there are lots of reasons to need a c-section! OK, black humor aside. I’m with you on wishing I was one of those ‘ecstatic childbirth’ ladies. And I’m seriously hoping you get the birth you want. I’m a bit ‘meh’ about it all. I just don’t want the recovery time and abdominal scar associated with another c-section, but on the other hand, I saw a medical show last night where they had to tack up a prolapsed uterus after natural childbirth to stop the lady from pissing herself every 5 minutes, so it’s not all roses on the other side either… I’m thinking of you!! And being here for you no matter how it plays out.

    • I just really don’t want to recover from another c-section! I remember being in so much pain trying to pick up my 9 pound baby, so I know my 36.5 pound toddler will be out of the question, and I just don’t know how well I’ll do with not being able to care for him at all for two weeks. It will break my heart along with the regular hormones and adjustments that a mom would go through bringing no 2 home. And yes, I really don’t want another scar or another thing to make my uterus weaker if we do decide we want another child.

  5. You absolutely right that it’s okay to feel frustrated that things aren’t progressing (yet!) the way you’d hoped. Feel free to kick & scream & cry about it – seriously!

    I’m going to keep saying again & again though that a dilation # only shows what you are at that exact moment – not when you’ll go into active labor, not how quickly labor will progress, and most certainly not what you should expect out of your birthing experience as whole this time around. Hold onto that knowledge, and I’ll keep praying for you that things DO progress quickly once they start this time, whether that’s today or a couple of weeks from now. Your doctor is supporting you, your husband is supporting you, and your friends are supporting you. Lean on that support, and try to have faith that things CAN be different this time, even if you’re not feeling like it right now. ((HUGS))

  6. I’m sorry, A, but I chuckled when I saw the situations you wished your were in. Five hours of labor at 38 weeks is a far cry from my idea of “normal,” though it certainly is enviable. 🙂

    I know this is such a stressful time for you–I remember being stressed out about it with Mira and I didn’t have the same pressure on me as you’re feeling right now–but try to remember that where you are today doesn’t mean a whole lot in terms of where you’ll be tomorrow. A fingertip dilated isn’t locked up tight! It means you’re getting somewhere, and it’s impossible to tell from that when you’ll be in labor. I went from a fingertip dilated to having a baby a week later. Crazier than that, I went from two centimeters dilated to holding a baby five hours later (and no, my entire labor wasn’t five hours–it took a lot of time to get to 2 centimeters!). You have time. Several weeks, in fact, and you just can’t know what your body will do, especially since it simply wasn’t given the opportunity to do it with L.

    You’ve got this. You’re prepared, your body is doing what it needs to, and you’ll soon have a little girl in your arms.

  7. I am sorry that things aren’t going exactly how you hoped they would be at this point. But really, hang in there and absolutely do not give up hope. So much can still change and happen in these final weeks! It really can. I actually am one of those women who had a quick labour and dilated very very quickly from the 2 – 10 point BUT it all happened on that one day!!! My last appointment to the doc, I was not dilated at all… zero. It can happen!! Hang in there and I will be thinking of you and hoping this baby makes her way into the world very soon! 🙂

  8. My OB joked that it’s 3rd babies that just fall out (not second ones so I could stay at home until contractions were 3-5 minutes apart), but it might be that your labor is fast from start to finish, or maybe it won’t be. You have no real idea what to expect, so expect to be surprised! It will be all right! There’s time! That lady baby knows when her birthday is going to be and she will arrive right on her own schedule.

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