33 weeks

33 weeks 2 days.

33 weeks 2 days.

33 weeks. It’s really crazy how fast the second trimester flew by and I’m well into the third.

A few pregnancy gripes that I beg of you to skip if you’re not in a good place to read about pregnant lady complaining. I get it. I’ve been there, believe me.


  • The boobs and the belly and the bras and the chafage, man. It’s killing me. I want to burn them all. The bras, that is, not my boobs. As I sit here free ballin’, ย my skin is on fire from wearing a bra for a total of like 4 hours tonight. It’s annoying.
  • Sciatic nerve pain. At least that’s what I think it is. Some days it feels like there is something in my tailbone area making each step excruciatingly painful and literally hobble around the house. Some days I can walk 5 miles with no complaints.
  • ย Iron deficiency anemia. Lady baby is stealing all my blood, y’all. 8 weeks ago, my iron level was low so the nurse called and asked me to add an additional iron supplement to my vitamin routine. NBD, I thought. One extra pill once a day, i can handle it. I’ll wash it down with some prune juice. I was retested last week and my iron level DROPPED. What? the? fuck? So now I’m all concerned that the incredible amount of iron I’m taking isn’t enough. I cut coffee, tums, and the calcium and magnesium supplements I was taking for leg cramps since calcium impedes iron absorption. I added another Feosol that I take at a different time every morning with something high in vitamin C. I’m trying to eat more red meat, spinach, too. I will make them retest me at my next appointment to make sure this is working…between all of the supplements and food I’m getting something close to 800% of the recommended DV for iron. That’s got to be enough, right?

Anyway. all in all, not too bad for 33 weeks. Swelling has been very minimal even with the recent heat wave. Bending over is a bit of a challenge, I get so short of breath, but meh, to be expected. I’m thankful things are going so smoothly so far and I hope lady baby stays put for another 4 weeks at least. Now we wait to see when baby decides to show up or if it will end up being a c-section at 42 weeks.

Things are moving along still prep wise. Still need to purchase a bassinet and a double stroller. I’m supposed to pick up a used bassinet tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to check that off the list. I’ve been stalking craigslist to find a nice used double for a good price, but it’s been hard to find a good one at a good price. I’ve sent out maybe 15 emails on craigslist in the past week and received maybe 3 in return. We’ll find one, eventually.

Leopold starts preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings next week. I am so excited for him to start and have this routine for him every week. I think he will thrive there and he seems to be ready socially and developmentally. But I still worry about how it will all go and if I’m throwing too much change at him all at once. We’ll have to take it as it comes, but he’ll have about a month and a half to get used to preschool until the huge change of a little sister is thrown at him in October sometime. He has been so much better with change than I have so far, so I won’t be surprised if he

Lady baby’s room is pretty much ready. I just bought a hamper, prepped all of the cloth diapers last week, and all the clothes are put away. We need to put up the pack n play, the swing, and dig out the bouncy seat, and install the car seat, but those should all be short to dos that we can do around the 36 week mark. And, she still needs a NAME. Kind of a big to-do.

sorry for the boring update, I needed to post something but am running short on eloquence and ideas.

I can’t believe time is slipping away so quickly and the baby’s arrival is fast approaching. How is it almost September? I am emotionally ready as I’ll ever be, ready for these changes to come for us, scared of what these first few months will be like, but ready to see how it goes. Mostly I cannot wait to meet this little amazing person who is about to turn our lives upside down. I can’t wait to see who she is and what she has to teach us. I can hardly fathom holding her for the fist time and all the emotions that will come with looking into her eyes for the first time. But when I think about seeing my son lay eyes on his little sister and give her a kiss for the first time? I am a puddle of goo just thinking about it.

It all seems too good to be true.


12 thoughts on “33 weeks

  1. 33 weeks! Where oh where did time fly? And such a lovely picture! You look wonderful. I am sending you good vibes for L. I know he will rock! On a side note- my neighbor just picked up a double stroller at Costco. It looks good but it’s still in the box. Not sure how efficient it is but a thought happy hunting!

    And yikes about the chaffing!

  2. Whoa time flies. I hope that things keep going well. Have you tried ferrous gluconate pills instead of ferrous sulfate (and taking on an empty stomach with the OJ if it doesn’t make you sick)? That might help you get your levels up again although the red meat will probably help a lot too. And good luck with the double stroller! It ‘s really hard to settle on just one.

  3. She’s almost here! Wow! You sound very well prepared, truly, at least as prepared as anyone can be. It also sounds like you’re holding up well for a very pregnant woman. I think that I’m more whiny than you at 28 weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚ sciatica, though, ouch. Had that with Mira and it was NOT FUN.

  4. Gorgeous picture! You look so cute and happy (as of course L does as well). It felt like you were sooooo far ahead of me, but I’m 27 weeks, so not so far at all! Third tri is total craziness and I am in denial that it is happening so soon. Too much to do! You, however, sound chill and ready and awesome. Go you!

    I don’t think that’s sciatica, unless the pain is shooting down one or the other of your legs. It’s probably what I have (and also had with Smudgie), SI joint pain. It feels like a shooting stab in the tailbone or across one of your glutes, right? Sometimes makes it very hard to walk, can feel worse after you’ve been lying down? Apparently pelvic stabilizing belts really help and I’m going to get one soon. Even without the belt, I find that focusing intently on keeping my pelvis centered and stabilized when standing or shifting positions makes things better. Avoid asymmetrical postures or motions if you can. Carrying Smudgie on one hip throws my pelvis out of whack and is a big culprit in my pain, but there’s not much I can do about it. You can find some simple exercises to help with the pain if you google “SI pain in pregnancy.”

  5. You look wonderful and that’s such a sweet picture of you and L. He’s such a copycat!! Also, where was that taken? It’s beautiful and reminds me of what I love about the midwest.

    Sorry for the annoying pain. I’m in agreement with Urban Jungle Gym that it’s likely not sciatica unless it’s going on down one leg. I am having terrible sciatica already (and trying to nip it in the bud before i get too much further along) and it’s definitely a one-sided kind of thing. Regardless of the cause, I really hope that you can find a solution soon, and something that isn’t “have this baby.”

    I hope that L loved daycare!!! It’s a big change but one that I bet he embraces and ends up enjoying completely!!

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