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I mentioned briefly in last week’s post that we had our anatomy scan last week. Thankfully, all looked healthy and growing great (even a little ahead of schedule). The baby was not so cooperative and the tech kept trying to get the perfect shot, but the baby kept moving and crossing its legs. Carlos and I have theorized from the beginning of this pregnancy this one might be a girl, because I’ve felt so different and so much more ill this time around. The tech said, “well, I’m not seeing anything to say it’s a boy, but I haven’t seen that’s definitely a girl yet, but I’m guessing girl..”. More clicks and checks, and finally, she got the money shot and could definitively give us the news that Stanley is a GIRL!

It's a girl!!!

It’s a girl!!!

Leopold will have a little sister! We are thrilled with this news, well we would have been thrilled either way of course, but it’s exciting to have a baby girl in the family. I cried when the tech told us out of relief over the baby being healthy,  excitement, happiness, and just emotions.  I’m so used to being surrounded by boys in this family (even the dog is a dude) I have no idea how parenting a little girl will be different. Carlos and I have been digesting this news slowly, talking about baby girl names and thinking about how different life will be in a few short months. I’m adjusting to calling the baby “she” and it’s a little weird as we never did this last time around.

Reactions from family and friends have been interesting. Mostly it’s “one of each, what a perfect all-American family!” or “yay! A boy and a girl! Now you’re done!”. Ha. okay, then. Thanks, glad you know exactly when our family is complete. A few “Leopold won’t let anyone date his little sister! That will be one protected little girl!” etc. We’re all just pinching ourselves with this good news, so thrilled that all looks healthy and we’re halfway there (over 20 weeks already).

So, anyone have a girl name to suggest? Preferably one that doesn’t start with B?


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  1. I’m all for what you’ve already mentioned….I’m not telling you my name since the scale is leaning towards girl for me too and if Stanley and Norman are to grow up to be BFF’s they can’t have the same name….but then again my BFF and I have the same name just different spellings LOL

  2. Congrats! Girls are lovely. And I am so very happy about the news of a healthy baby!

    Don’t you just love people telling you when your family is complete. Funny!

    And girl names? I’ve always been connected to the name, Charlotte.

    Yay to healthy babies! Congrats again!

  3. Congrats!!!! We have an extensive list of girl names… It’s boy names we struggle with. Honestly, what topped our list when we didn’t know what BB2 was yet was, “Fiona.”. Yes, after our friend down south who’s living the life!!! Seriously! B loves hearing about their adventures and when I said her name once, he said, “put that at the top of the list!”. Ironically enough, the name we’d had at the top of our list for years prior to that was Lydia. That’s still up there with Fiona if #3 is a girl. But if they trip your trigger, use them!

    I think a sister for L sounds perfect!

    Congrats again!!!

    • And I forgot to mention… Love it when people tell us when we’re done having kids. My own mother told me that we wouldn’t be wanting a third if BB2 was a girl. But she knows we wanted another boy desperately. Several weeks after that, she asked again if we’d try again (as if it’s her business) and when I said yes, we want a third, she gasped and said, “you’re kidding!”. This coming from a woman with three kids, and with two of three daughters with 3 & 4 kids each. No, Mom, I’m NOT kidding!

    • I like Courtney’s suggestions!!! 😉

      Lids actually ‘should’ have been Lydia because Anthony came up with the name from the Muppets song, ‘Lydia, the tattooed lady’ which he loved as a kid but he always remembered it as A-Lydia when in fact it says “Oh Lydia!” Oops! And then we did the i instead of y because the Dominicans would be way too baffled by the Y! 😉 Eventhough it was a funny way of getting to it, we absolutely love her name now.

      And Fiona… well I’ve always really loved my name, if that helps! Unique but not crazy.

      • OMG – I love that story about Anthony as a kid thinking it was Alidia instead of “Oh Lydia.” Of COURSE you had to use Alidia instead! I think that’s just precious!

  4. How exciting! Little girls are so much fun! and hmpf to those that think just because we are infertile we only need a small family! You should just say the world needs more of the awesome babies I make 😉

  5. Congrats on your baby girl! What wonderful news. I doubt any girl names I could think of would be up your alley but I’m sure you’ll think of something. 😉

  6. Aw, I love the excitement in this post! So great to get some concrete information, isn’t it? Not that you care if it’s a boy or a girl, but you just wan to know who this little person is, and knowing the sex sort of makes it seem more concrete. Names? I LOVE talking names! Here are a few that I like: Lila, Georgia (but E nixed this one for P), Eva, Alice, Natalie, Katherine, Diana, Anna (too similar), Chloe, Vera, Iris, Amy, I could go on!! 🙂

  7. I had a long list of girl’s names that I loved, but Hubby vetoed almost every single one (He liked Penelope). And then of course, it was a boy and we ended up using a name that hadn’t even made it onto our boy’s list! I love old fashioned names for girls – Evelyn, Vivian, Rose, Rosalind, Emily etc.
    I absolutely hate the “one of each and now you’re done”. Not that we’ve gotten those comments ourselves, but I imagine we will if adoption #2 results in a girl. I’ve always wanted at least 4 kids, and being 1 of 6 myself, always was insulted that people just assume 2 kids is the “right” number. And yes, it’s none of their business anyway!

  8. Such good news! Those comments are so obnoxious. I’d really like three kids, but I’m sure if we have a girl people will say the same kinds of things or if we have a boy people will assume we were just trying for a girl in the end. Not true!

  9. Congrats on your little girl!!

    Personally, I’m big on the name “Violet.” (Apparently it’s had an upsurge in popularity recently, though.) I’ve always loved it because of Willy Wonka: “Violet! You’re turning violet, Violet!!” It was one of very few on our short list if either of the boys had been a girl.

  10. I am so excited for you that you are having a little girl!!! 🙂 I will try to think of some favourite names… that I don’t plan to use myself 😉 I love baby name talk. Have you checked out I can spend hours there, spinning name ideas.

    Can’t wait to see L as a big brother to his sweet little sis!!!

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