Good morning

13w3d today and I’m actually feeling really good for the first time in about three months. I woke up hungry and food actually sounded appetizing. I slept terribly last night, my SIL is in labor and has been since 6:30 am Monday morning (baby is still not here!) so I was worried for her going on 48 hrs of labor and hoping my phone would text. Also, I wasn’t the smartest crayon in the box and read pregnancy testing pamphlets right before bed. So my head was spinning with ย all the what ifs. Leopold woke up at 1 am and needed tucked back in (he was waiting at the door with his blanket and said “help you?” when I came to him.) I tucked him in tight, read, then sang to him til he was out. Then I couldn’t sleep for what seemed like hours with those aforementioned topics running amuck in my brain.

Anyway, I woke up at 6 am feeling ready to go for the day. I decided to break out the doppler since Carlos hadn’t left for work yet and I actually found Stanley’s heartbeat 3 times (he or she moves away really fast, lil stinker :))!!! Best sound in the world. The heart rate around 160 bpm. Best start to the day. I showered, dried my hair, put on makeup all before Leopold woke at 8 am. He giggled as soon as I came up the stairs to get him:

happiest boy in the world

happiest boy in the world

Feeling very, very lucky and optimistic this morning and just so grateful for it all.


8 thoughts on “Good morning

  1. Glad to hear such an upbeat post! I know it’s hard to not dwell on the what-if’s and unknowns, but sometimes it’s nice to just say “I’m gonna have a GOOD day!”

  2. So happy for you and everything going on right now!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I know now your SIL’s little one has arrived so thankful to hear that. And so glad you were able to hear the heartbeat!! You and L both look adorable here!!

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