Monday snapshots: Easter edition

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday and it’s been nearly three weeks since my last post or since I last checked blogs (oy!). But! These photos are too sweet not to post.

For Easter weekend, Leopold, Carlos, and I (and the dog, even) loaded up and drove the 4 hours to Indy to visit my family. It was a great weekend, on Saturday, we hit up the Indy Children’s Museum and Sunday was full of Easter happenings. My brother and SIL’s baby girl is about a month old and Leopold was so excited about seeing her. He saw me holding her and chased me around saying “hold it! hold it!”. I was wary as he’s never held a baby, but we had him sit down and he did great. He kept air kissing her “mwah!” and saying “baby!”. It made my heart go batty to see him love a little one so and hope that in six months I’ll see this a similar loving scene with his little brother or sister.

Easter morning we got the kids dressed in their Easter best, it was so sweet to see the three cousins together looking spiffy. Leopold looked so handsome 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Monday snapshots: Easter edition

  1. Beautiful photos!! L looks so big holding his little cousin. He is going to be an awesome big brother! 🙂 And he looks so handsome all dressed up in his Easter clothes in the next photo!

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