I had my last scan with my RE yesterday and the little peanut looked perfect. Heart beat at 149, measuring spot-on at 7w4d, and looking so much bigger than last week. It was so odd to say goodbye to everyone, promising to write or visit after delivery. It feels so far away, so surreal, amazingly unfathomable, I just kind of smiled and made promises that I hope I’ll get to keep. I remember this day with Leopold, but it was a bit different because he was a spontaneous pregnancy, it felt as though the clinic was a bit less invested, you know? But this time, I was more of a standard infertility case, 3 IUIs with no luck, one IVF, and finally, amazingly, pregnant and it’s seeming to stick.

The hematoma was GONE as of yesterday which is great news, one less thing to worry about. My ovaries are still big but have shrunk a bit. I’m feeling much more confident about the pregnancy, but still holding my breath until we’re safely into the second trimester. The due date is October 13th, which happens to be my husband’s birthday. Leopold’s due date was May 25th, 4 days after my bday. It all just seems to fit that the due date is right around Carlos’ bday. We will each have a little birthday twin 🙂

I’ve been feeling: tired, anxious, nauseous. Usual first trimester stuff. I kind of annoy myself in the first trimester, either I’m cranky but relieved because I feel like crap, or I’m worried and anxious if I feel good. No totally happy moments for me..  I had been trying to keep up with my old diet, but it’s just not working with the way my stomach has been feeling. I don’t really puke in the first tri, but my stomach is uneasy and most foods that I normally love make me want to hurl. So I’m back to eating diary and bread for now, but hope to get back on the wagon when I’m feeling better.

My first doctor appointment with the OB is March 14th. This will be the longest wait so far in between checks (2 weeks) and I hope I can keep the crazy at bay. I’m generally good provided there is no bleeding (I had some light pink spotting last night that had me a bit freaked, but thankfully went away. I’m thinking it was just irritation from the ultrasound wand).

So, good news! We graduated from the RE and Stanley still looks great!!! About 5 weeks left in the first trimester, one day at a time…



11 thoughts on “Graduated

  1. I am soooo happy for you that you are where you are now!! 🙂 This is great news and I am so hopeful that the rest of this pregnancy will go smoothly and you’ll meet little Stanley on the other side when he is ready to come out. I know the 1st trimester can be so tough, but I hope you are able to enjoy it as much as possible. 5 weeks… not too bad. Come on Stanley!!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Great news! I’m sure there are some mixed emotions graduating from the RE. I always love hearing the stories of families that go back to thank their support staff at the RE’s office and introduce them to their new bundle of joy after delivery. Hoping these next two weeks go by quickly for you and you are able to check off another successful appt!

  3. Congrats on your graduation! I remember when I had my last RE ultrasound and he said “Congratulations! Send me a picture!” I started crying because it was like “Oh my gosh, there’s going to be something to take a picture of!”

    I’m so happy for you and your family : )

  4. Yay! So glad all looked good on the ultrasound! I have 1.5 weeks until our heartbeat ultrasound and it feels forever away. Then I think it’s 6 weeks until our NT scan! How will I do it? Of course I have to see a heartbeat first. One step at a time. 😉

  5. It felt so abrupt to me when we graduated from our RE’s office to a regular OB. Like I felt there should have been a ceremony or something. (-: It is quite a momentous thing, so congratulations!

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