Fertilization report

Of the 9 eggs retrieved, only 4 were mature, and 3 fertilized.

We have 3 embryos! This is good news.

Every report feels like a mixed bag.  (umm, unless it’s all bad news, which it thankfully hasn’t been yet.) For everything you get that is good, you know how many didn’t work. We know so much, we had 18 antral follicles, 12 follicles, then 9 eggs, then 4 mature, then 3 . And it always makes you wonder, what was wrong with those that didn’t work? It all reminds you how quickly the numbers disappear and how quickly they could all fizzle. Then suddenly, all of this effort, hard work, time, money, appointments, time away from my kid, yielded nothing. Which is of course a scary thought.

I am disappointed that only 4 eggs were mature, I am. I was hoping for more. It’s hard not to analyze how much more it could have been. What does this all say about my ovarian reserve? It feels like as a 29 year old woman, I should have gotten a few more mature eggs out of all of this, but we won’t really know what it all means until we have a consultation with our doctor. Now is the time to focus on the present and these 3 little embryos who are growing in a petri dish in Chicago.

That is a great deal of potential. We are likely looking at a day 3 transfer on Wednesday and will probably transfer whatever the doctor suggests (1 or 2 is what we discussed at our IVF consult).

Deep breaths. One step closer. Please send some good thoughts to our embryos.


13 thoughts on “Fertilization report

  1. Did they tell you a day 3 transfer when they gave you the fert report? They didn’t call me until the day after the fert report. Definitely sending good thoughts to you and those growing embies…..Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers! HUGS!

  2. This is great news!!! You only need one fabulous embryo and it sounds like that you will have possibly three fantastic ones! Oh, I can’t wait to keep hearing your updates on this. It reminds me of our journey two years ago at this same time (H was “conceived” on Jan. 26, 2011 on the day of my retrieval). My fingers are crossed for more awesome information! xoxo

  3. The numbers game has got to do a, uh, number 😉 on your mind and I understand the unsettled feelings about watching things dwindle, but I really think you’ve got three strong embryos there! The fact that you had a good fertilization rate makes me think your got some quality potential babies in that letri dish! (And how amazing is it to think that there is potentially a baby growing right now?!?!) I’m sending sunlight and water to help those guys grow grow grow!!!

  4. “You only need one, you only need one.” That’s what I told myself, and that’s what I’ll tell you too!

    I just hated every phone call that was involved in this process, and I made B take every one of them. I would sit there with the worst knot in my stomach as he wrote down the numbers. Sometimes I was happy with what he told me, and sometimes, I would just cry. Even with good news (like you got today!), it’s hard to be super positive.

    I think you’re lucky if you get to have a three day transfer. I always think it’s good to get them back where they belong ASAP!

  5. No they are great numbers – perfect. Really we shouldn’t produce too many eggs. This was a well delivered cycle – honestly!! Now the hard big the TWW. We’re here ready to support!!

  6. I agree with quality over quantity! I think the numbers sound very promising, even if they were slightly lower than what you were hoping for. I’m so glad the retrieval went well, I hope you are feeling good, and preparing to get those bab(ies) back where they belong for a nice long, comfy stay!

  7. All of my good thoughts are coming your way this week. I found this part of the wait the hardest but you’re almost there. 3 is a great number to work with. My first IVF we got 20 eggs which resulted in only 2 blasts. I was crushed … but one of those little blasts turned out to be my beautiful rambunctious nearly 21 month old son! I hated hearing it, but it only takes one good one – so for IVF#2, I tried to think quality over quantity. So hard … but we had half the eggs retrieved (11) and again, only 2 made it to blast and I’m pregnant with #2. So it can happen! I’m keeping everything crossed for you!

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