Egg retrieval

Egg retrieval is complete!

We arrived at the clinic at 6:50 am this morning and were promptly brought back to a corridor with three other couples also there for retrievals or transfers. We settled into small a room with a bed and a chair, i was instructed to get undressed aside from my socks, and put on a gown. They weighed me, took my blood pressure, heart rate, etc. then we waited. And waited for quite a while before in the prep/recovery room before the procedure started (maybe an hour and a half).

The procedure was quick once they brought me back into the operating room, (a lil bit of iv sedation will do that to you). I was swiftly taken back into the room, the iv was placed into my left hand, my legs put into the stirrups, i slid my butt down to the edge of the table…and…lights out. Next thing I know, I’m back in the recovery room. I was unsteady and emotional, crying for no particular reason. Carlos told me the doctor dropped by and reported they retrieved somewhere between 7-10 days.

My RE happened to be the one on call this weekend, so she do the retrieval, which was nice. She came by again later again and said the final total was 9 eggs, which was good. She expected 7, and their average is 8, so I’ll take just above average 🙂 we will get a report on the number of embryos tomorrow. I hope I will have good news to share.

We were able to leave after the bag of IV fluids was empty and I was able to go to the bathroom. I was so thirsty, I chugged three glasses of water down quickly and ate the saltines and graham crackers they provided. I was still a bit unsteady leaving, but felt really fine. My stomach doesn’t seem to be upset at all by the sedation meds, which is nice.

I’m resting at home on the couch now. Watching Downton Abbey on the Roku and relaxing for the day. I’m drinking lots of gatorade and eating salty snacks as instructed to keep the OHSS at bay. Leopold is still with Carlos’ brother and his wife, having a grand time with his cousins. I miss him like crazy but know he’s in good hands and having fun until Carlos is done catching up on work and can go get him.

Fertilize, eggs!! Come on! One step further along in the process.

Right before we left for the clinic. I wore a souvenir tshirt from the ranch where we conceived Leopold. As did Carlos. Hopefully it brings us luck 🙂


9 thoughts on “Egg retrieval

  1. I’m so glad everything went so smoothly and they got a good amount of eggs! YAY! Keeping resting and enjoying Downton Abbey!

  2. NINE is a terrific number! Lots to work with there! Now, let’s put the pressure on Carlo’s contribution to this whole thing and hope his boys do their job 😉

    I am very hopeful that you have a great fertilization report tomorrow! I’m sure you will!!!! I told you on Twitter today that Matthew and this new baby are both from the same batch of “just” 10 eggs (I say “just” because my first cycle had 16 – none of which, so far, have resulted in any babies). When I got our fert report for our 10 eggs, I cried my eyes out – “only 5” fertilized. But you know – those five ended up being 2 to transfer (and Matthew as a result) and 2 to freeze (and new baby as a result) – it’s all about quality over quantity and you worked super hard to have HIGH quality eggs. I have no doubts that there’s a take home baby in that lab right now with your name on it!!!!!

    Good luck! I’m thinking of you !

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