Trigger time

GULP. Here we are, CD 11. E2 = 1368. I had 12 follicles visible via ultrasound this morning.  Sizes are as follows: Right ovary (22,18, 16, 13, 13, 12, 12, 12) Left ovary (22, 20, 18, 12).

Nurse called this afternoon, trigger tonight at 8:20 pm and last shot of Ganilrelex. Retrieval downtown Sunday morning at 7 am (an hour drive). I am happy it’s on Sunday so Carlos doesn’t have to take a day off work, traffic won’t be an issue, and it’s easier for Carlos’s brother and SIL to take care of Leopold for us.

There are about a million other instructions: Zpak tomorrow. No food or drink after midnight Saturday night. Baby aspirin + progesterone start Monday. Estrogen patches start next Saturday. If it’s a day 3 transfer, it will be Wednesday, day 5 Friday. I could go on and on….

I’m feeling…confused. Overwhelmed. Excited that I have 12 follicles. Sad that we only have 12. Wondering if we’ll get less than 12 eggs (for some reason I’m thinking 9, don’t know why), how many of those will fertilize? How many of those embryos will stop growing? What will the quality of the eggs look like? What will they be able to tell me about my eggs and/or Carlos’ sperm? Will they fertilize? Will we make it to transfer?

So many questions and so much uncertainty swimming around in my head. Everything feels so close yet so far away. So under control but out of our control.

I just need to be patient and distract myself through this and keep focus on the great things I do have. I have done all I can. I’ve done all the things to grow good quality eggs that I possibly could.

Cross your fingers for us for retrieval and that whatever eggs the retrieve fertilize and develop into embryos.

I’ll try to update the blog as soon as I can after retrieval, but it will probably be on twitter first (MellowMWMama).



9 thoughts on “Trigger time

  1. Wow! So exciting! And honestly, I’m overwhelmed for you just reading all the instructions and possibilities. You are grace under pressure, girl. Xoxo

  2. Fingers are crossed for you and hoping all continues to go smoothly!! You are doing wonderfully and keeping it all together very well considering all you are going through. You’ve got this girl!!! 🙂

  3. As usual I am totally behind in commenting and I’ve tried to keep tabs on you on twitter, but I wanted to say, for posterity, how happy I am that you made it through your first (and hopefully only!!) IVF stims. I see good things ahead. Truly.

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