IVF January 2013 daily log

Here’s the daily rundown of meds, monitoring appointments, and other IVF prep stuff. CD1 started Tuesday, January 8th.

1/10/13 Thursday, CD3:

Friday, CD4:

  • Meds at 8 pm: 75 iu menopur, 225 follistim

Saturday, CD5:

  • Circle + Bloom Meditations
  • Acupuncture with electro-stim
  • Meds: 75 iu menopur, 225 follistim (at night, in my in-law’s guest bathroom in the middle of a very belated Christmas present opening. Should make a good story one day, I hope…)

Sunday, CD6: Early morning follie check downtown, 18 follies in the running, biggest is a 13. Estrogen: 219. Continue same dose + add ganirelex. Painful headache through the day.

  • Circle + Bloom Meditations
  • Yoga for fertility. (Pulling down the moon “Fully Fertile”)
  • 8 pm meds: 75 iu menopur, 225 follistim, ganirelex.

Monday, CD7 :

  • Acupuncture with electro-stim
  • Circle + Bloom Meditations
  • Yoga for fertility. (Pulling down the moon “Fully Fertile”)
  • 8 pm meds: 75 iu menopur, 225 follistim, ganirelex. (yeotch meds hurt like a bitch tonight)

Tuesday, CD8: Early morning follie check. 3 15s, 2 13s, 3 10s. E2 is 485. Instructed to increase Menopur to 150 units.

  • 150 iu menopur, 225 follistim, ganirelex
  • Circle + Bloom Meditations
  • Yoga for fertility. (Pulling down the moon “Fully Fertile”)

Wednesday, CD9: Early morning follie check. 1 17, 2 16s, 15s, some more she rattled off that I could keep track of. E2 is 712.

  • Meds: 150 units menopur, 225 follistim, ganirelex
  • Circle + bloom meditation
  • Yoga

Thursday, CD10: Early morning follie check. My biggest ballooned into a 22 suddenly, the rest are smaller at 17,16, etc. E2 1017. Told by the nurse one more night of stims, retrieval likely Sunday. My ovaries feel like heavy balls that are trying to escape my stomach. My jeans don’t fit well, they feel like they’re pushing against my swollen ovaries and are terribly uncomfortable.

  • Meds: 150 units menopur, 225 follistim, ganirelex
  • Circle + bloom meditation
  • Acupuncture with electro-stim.

Friday, CD11: Early morning follie check. 4-5 follies in the 20s, more between 14-20. 12 follicles total. E2 is 1368. Time to trigger!

  • Meds: HCG trigger + ganirelex
  • Circle + bloom meditation

Saturday, CD12: Start z-pack.

1/20/13 Sunday, CD13: retrieval. First told 7-10 eggs retrieved, then 9. Told to be on bed rest the rest of the day. Drink a lot of fluids including gatorade (salt and electrolytes helps ward off OHSs). Watched the entire first season of Downton Abbey. Feel ok laying down but ache like a mofo when up and about.

Monday, CD14: fertilization report. Of the 9 eggs, only 4 were mature. Three of those fertilized and are growing. Told we likely will do a day 3 transfer. A bit sad, but happy there are three. Start baby aspirin, Endometrin 3x daily.

Tuesday, CD 15: All three embryos are “growing beautifully” and we’re told it will be a day 5 transfer! Relieved, excited, etc!

Wednesday, CD 16: Last day of Z-Pack. Kill time at the children’s museum with my sis, niece, and Leopold.

Thursday, CD 17: pre-transfer acupuncture. Mediation. Yoga.

1/25/13 Friday, CD 18: Transfer one beautiful blast! Two more are still growing and will hopefully make it to freeze. Bed rest the rest of the day.

Saturday, CD 19: Lab called, one of our embryos made it to blast stage and froze! Post-transfer acupuncture. Bed rest. Eat lotsa pineapple.

Sunday, CD 20-Sunday CD 27: Start vivelle dot estrogen patches. No more bed rest! 2ww crazies start. All that’s left to do is wait.

2/4/13 Monday, CD 28 : Beta – positive!, 269

2/5/13, Wednesday: doubled, 540

2/7/13, Friday: doubled, 1149

2/14/13, Thursday: ultrasound scheduled


17 thoughts on “IVF January 2013 daily log

  1. Wow! It’s so intensive when I see it all in one place vs tweeted over days. Mad props, woman.

    I believe in the power of meditation. You’re doing great! Like a boss. 🙂

  2. You’re moving right a long! I can’t believe retrieval is just around the corner. Have they speculated yet on when retrieval will be? With a couple 15’s in there, you may be triggering in 2-3 days!

  3. Wow – a LOT has been happening. I should probably be taking notes but I guess I can always come back and check these posts out when the time comes.

  4. Deep breaths indeed!! Sounds like it’s going great and that you are getting really good treatment/monitoring, etc. I’m sure the daily appointments are exhausting but it’s so good that they’re keeping a close eye on things!! I hope you get to trigger soon!

  5. Drink lots and lots of Gatorade leading up to and after the retrieval to avoid OHSS. I was on the verge of OHSS, which not only kills but can also be cause to cancel the cycle. So drink, drink, drink! I remember a few days before retrieval I was SO bloated that I swore I looked 17 weeks pregnant. And I did. I really did. Wear comfy pants and rest up! I can’t wait to hear how the retrieval goes! xoxo

  6. Just checking in to say hello and that I’m thinking of you! I saw on Twitter that you think they’ll push you another day. Good luck! And please start drinking lots of water and stock up on gartorade for post-retrieval 🙂

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