It’s go time

I had my baseline appointment for IVF this morning. I was pretty nervous going into it, thinking surely my body will do something squirrely again and mess this up. A cyst? Weird lining? What’s it going to be? I tensed as the tech eased the ultrasound wand in and diverted my eyes from the screen. But, all looked good in there. My ovaries were quiet, 16 AFC and my lining was thin enough at 6.

I have the go ahead to start stims tonight unless I hear from my nurse before the end of business. 225 units of follistim and 75 units of menopur. This is way more than any of my previous IUI cycles obviously.

I’m excited. There is a good chance this will work. Odds are good here, best of any treatment available. Sometimes I let my mind wander…if this goes well, Leopold will be about 30 months when his sibling is born. That’s pretty awesome. if this works, I’ll be pregnant this summer and we can have one last vacation as a family of three. If this works, I’ll likely be done with treatments for the rest of my life.

But I know all too well how things can go with these cycles from watching my IF friends go through it. I know everything can look good and hopeful and perfect..until it suddenly doesn’t. You think you have 20 eggs, but after retrieval you have 7. and only half of those fertilize, and only x number make it to day 3 or none….you guys all know. It’s scary this IVF, this is the last step for us. This is it. I try to keep these thoughts at bay and visualize this working.  But they creep in from time to time.

Logistically, things are a bit of a mess which had me in a panic this morning. The most important, my meds. I still don’t have.  I ordered my meds on Tuesday, I was supposed to get them today. But, I received an automated call this morning that my meds shipped out yesterday, and they are set to arrive…tomorrow. Of course. I have a vial of follistim leftover from the last IUI. My nurse gave me one dose of menopur for tonight just in case. A bit frustrating, but it should end up ok. The very good part is my meds only cost $120 so far, which is pretty darn good for an IVF cycle. So incredibly thankful we have insurance coverage.

On the childcare front, we had told my MIL and FIL of our plans to go through treatments (we left it very generic) and that we would need help caring for Leopold when the time came. They said just let them know whenever and they would be here for us. But, of course, it looks like egg retrieval and transfer are both happening on the week that they’re vacationing in Mexico, so, YEA. That sucks! My SIL also knows and offered to watch L, but she’s only available on Monday and Tuesday as she works W-F. I would still need someone for either retrieval or transfer. I have to spill the beans some more and I’m not really sure who to ask yet. I have a solid group of mom friends and I’ve considered just putting out a generic call for help out there for that week and seeing who bites, then telling specifics to whoever is available. And Carlos still needs to tell work, though he seems unconcerned so far? Sigh. Men.

It will all work out one way or another logistically, I’m sure. I’m trying to be optimistic about the outcome too. It will work if it’s supposed to. If it doesn’t we’ll have the peace we gave it a hell of a go.

The image of a beautiful baby in my arms in 9 months. I’m focusing on that image.

That’s a hell of a motivator. To be sure.

Let’s do this thing. First monitoring appointment downtown Sunday morning. I think we’ll take this opportunity to take Leopold to Shedd Aquarium. Acupuncture Saturday morning. Phew. Here we go…

UPDATE: meds are here! Guess the automated call I got was wrong. Here is the med shot:

obligatory meds shot. WHOA.

obligatory meds shot. WHOA.


12 thoughts on “It’s go time

  1. I’m so glad things are looking good. Only the best of thoughts for you, and you know that if I’m in town I’ll help you out as much as you need xoxo

  2. GO TIME!!! And if you don’t want to go around telling a bunch of people, let me know. I’m out of town until the 19th but I’ll be here after that…if you need help, I’m more than willing to do something to help. Just let me know….It’s stressful enough of a process, you don’t need this extra stress…

    And keep envisioning you new baby….stay positive, as much as you can….and hopefully you’ll get good news soon!!

  3. Here you go!! Everything seems to be looking great for you. I wouldn’t worry too much about the logisitics, sounds like you have the people available, and share only what you are comfortable sharing for why you need help with L. I am so excited for you and have a really really good feeling about this!

  4. AWWWW YEAH! I always blow everything I have to say on Twitter, but at least you get it in real time! For posterity, I have all the fingers and toes available on and within my person crossed for you. And I’m always a bing bong away if you need to chat! 🙂

  5. Ahhhhhh!!!! I am super excited for you… and not just the saying I am excited type of excited. I really am. I can feel it in my bones!! 🙂 I really truly hope this works for you. I have a great feeling. Stay positive and let’s DO THIS!!!! (I know I know it isn’t US doing this but so many of us are right there with you, supporting you and rooting for you through this ride.)

  6. Wow – that’s a lot of drugs! Having just had to do an FET this last time, you forget about ALL the drugs. The amazing thing is that once you get started, you forget about how many drugs there are and just start checking them off your list each night. Before you know it, you’ll be all done and have nothing but a bottle of used sharps to show for it. And then hopefully, a couple weeks later, a big fat beta number!

    This is a hopeful time! I have a friend who just did her first egg retrieval and she’s stressed, even though it went perfectly. I told her to save the stress for the post-transfer, because that will be VERY stressful. It’s a whole new game when you KNOW there are 1-2 embryos in there, hoping they’ll burrow in and make a baby. It sounds like you are really good to go, so just take it one day at a time and don’t worry about a thing! Not now, anyway!

    I’m excited for you! I hope for a couple good embryos to transfer and a couple for the freezer as well!

  7. Yay! I’m so glad you’re good to go. I can imagine that it’s a very emotionally intense time with a lot of euphoria and fear. I SOOOO hope this is it for you guys and this cycle brings you another healthy baby.

    Keeping all appendages crossed.

  8. A, I am sososososo excited for you. I know that you are soso excited and soso nervous and that’s got to be completely normal. A lot is in play and a lot is at stake, but you are on your way. You’re doing all that you can to get that baby in 9 months and I have everything crossed that you WILL!

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