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I mentioned in my last post that I started a new paleo-esque diet per the recommendation of my acupuncturist (it is not Paleo, really, but it is similar). For my own recording purposes and in case anyone was interested, I thought I would document the guidelines he wrote down for me here.

  1. Avoid dairy (milk/cheese/butter/etc) and soy
  2. Avoid sugar/white and wheat flour (rye bread once in a while. sugar less than 8g per serving)
  3. If I must sweeten, use stevia.
  4. Eat a wide variety of berries.
  5. Almond / rice milk.
  6. Eat a wide variety of nuts and seeds. Avoid peanuts.
  7. Avoid coffee.
  8. For treats: coconut ice cream or dark chocolate 70% cocoa or above
  9. Do not microwave in plastic (I don’t as a general rule, but would heat up the occasional frozen dinner in the microwave. No more!)
  10. 750 mg of vitamin C and cod liver oil at dinner (only Carlson or Nordic Natural brands ok)
  11. Find recipes and information at the
  12. Avoid red meat and tuna (chicken, turkey, fish are okay)

I have this list, in the doc’s handwriting, on my fridge. For some reason this and the looming IVF in my very near future has given me some actual perseverance. I honestly thought I would have to throw away all of the delicious flour and cheesy goodness in my house to keep from eating them, but it hasn’t been as torturous as expected. Even the Christmas tin of cookies hasn’t tempted me much. {Prior to Monday, I was having a cookie as dessert you know, for at least each meal. Sometimes as a breakfast (shame!)}

His suggestions were based on what I told him last week about what I ate on a daily basis and to give me the best egg quality possible for IVF (gulp) next month. I have a few questions for the doc – he wasn’t real clear on grains – if I should avoid them totally, or if I can have brown rice or oats or quinoa and if I should eating completely organic (I know it’s best to be all organic, but with some veg/fruits with thicker skins, I bought regular stuff.).

Things that suck: Cod liver oil. I got the liquid kind because it was cheaper, but omfg, that is some difficult shit to choke down every night. I also miss cheese and the occasional treat from Starbucks (Any idea what I could drink from there? I’m not allowed to have soy or dairy or fake sugar or real sugar in any major way either)

I give meals for the last few days. Not too exciting, but it will give you a glimpse into what I’m eating:


  • Breakfast: steel cut oats with strawberries and a bit of molasses and walnuts
  • Lunch: whole foods buffet of various veggies including spinach, beets, nuts, seeds, red peppers, etc
  • Snack: apple with almond butter (this will be a reoccurring theme)
  • Dinner: totally made-up stoup of celery, carrot, corn, black bean, spinach, turkey meatballs, tomato sauce and diced tomatoes. Blackberries. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk.


  • Breakfast: steel cut oats with strawberries and a bit of molasses and walnuts, an egg.
  • Snack: Apple with almond butter.
  • Lunch: baked sweet potato fries, grilled chicken, a bit of leftover soup from Tuesday’s dinner.
  • Snack: sunflower seeds.
  • Dinner: broiled salmon, kale chips, and roasted acorn squash. Raspberries. Glass of almond milk.
  • Dessert: unsweetened coconut ice cream, mint chip.


  • Breakfast: omelette with onion, mushroom (and no cheese, really missed it here). Raspberries. Chicken sausage.
  • Snack: apple with almond butter, handful of walnuts.
  • Lunch: nuts, blackberries, Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake frozen meal (heated in the oven).
  • Dinner: grass fed beef burger (I sort of cheated here..) with sauteed mushroom and onion,  salad with spinach + tomato and balsamic vinegar and EVOO, green beans. Almond milk.
  • Dessert: small spoonful of mint chip coconut ice cream and a square of dark chocolate.

I am not doing this diet to lose weight and I don’t calculate the caloric intake of my meals at all. I eat when I’m hungry and I eat until I’m satisfied. (I will say I would be totally okay with dropping a few pounds. I weigh about 10 pounds less now than when I got pregnant with L, which is awesome, but I have some stubborn belly fat that I would love to evict and a jiggly ass. I weigh around 175 now at nearly 5’10, and I’d love to be 15 pounds less.) I already feel better in general, lighter, less bloated, and less sluggish these last few days, which is great, but no noticeable weight loss as of yet.

On the downside, I’m really freaking hungry at times, particularly after workouts. I ran Monday, Wednesday and I’m planning to run tomorrow morning (about 3.5 miles each time) and I did a short yoga workout today. Both leave me hangry and searching, hence the apples with almond butter mid day. I then reach for nuts or seeds to top me off, but I seem to get the most terrible gas after eating them. It is decidedly not fun.

It’s going much better than I expected as far as me having actual will power and I don’t feel like I’m starving myself for the most part. After a meal, I feel satisfied. I’ve never done a diet before really – I think I went years in high school and college without eating fried foods, but I have never banned flour, sugar, or dairy for any period of time ever.

Anyone have any tips or recipes they love that fit the bill with this diet?I really have no idea what I’m doing. I just buy a lot of veg/fruit/nuts at the store and hope for the best at the moment and search the internet for recipes at the last minute. My husband is not changing his diet with me, though he is supportive of me eating differently, he’s not really loving the change-up in meals at night. For the time being, I will make one dinner, unless it proves too difficult. Tonight, he had the same meal, but I bought him a big ole pretzel roll for his burger. It was rather torturous to watch him devour that thing and then L eat a warm one with butter.

Thanks so much for all the comments on yesterday’s post. I really appreciate the insight and encouragement!


9 thoughts on “the diet

  1. You’re awesome for doing this, especially during the holiday season. I have decided ill start a similar diet after the holidays as we get ready to start treatments (if we can find a way to afford them). You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing what you’re doing and why!

  2. I know you’re not doing full paleo, but I wanted to send you this link. When we were full-on paleo, we cooked out of this cookbook every night of the week and it is awesome! Lots of good, healthy options!

    I really need to get back to paleo. I am jealous of you knowing how dang AWESOME you’re going to feel once you spend a few days on your new diet. I have never felt better in my life. I wish you the same! Good luck!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the details of you new diet plan. I am so impressed and you should be very proud for doing this… and like Esperanza said, especially through the holidays!! I would love to try something like this but don’t know if I would have the will power and the support of my husband which would make it tough because I would have to cook separate meals every single time. Uggg. We’ll see when TTC #2 really kicks into gear! 🙂

    You are doing a great job and will surely feel great because of it. Way to go and good luck with it!! 🙂

  4. I’ve really been trying to eat more Paleo lately, but end up eating grains like rice or gluten-free bread too often, or eating too much dairy. I feel so much better on full Paleo – I really think the grassfed meats are important for our health, and wonder why so many “healthy” diets ignore the difference between conventionally raised meats and pastured meat. Thanks for the inspiration to get back on the wagon!

  5. I think I would cry without cheese, but then I see what you actually are eating and it all sounds really good. Do you have any idea if you could eat nutritional yeast on this diet? My sister was vegan for a while (she and her family are still veg) and developed a really good “cheese” sauce using that. Plus she’d put it in omelets, too, for that nutty, cheesey kick… might be worth asking about.

    I will admit that I keep thinking I need to make some changes to my diet to be “kinder” to my body and my ovaries… I just can’t find the motivation now, right before the holidays. I find myself thinking, “I’ll do it in January with the next IUI.” Perhaps.

    P.S. You’ve inspired me to make sweet potato fries for dinner with grilled chicken breast.

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