Monday snapshot: tiny needles edition


That’s four of the tiny acupuncture needles in my belly with electric currents running through them. I had 5 more needles, one in my head, two in each leg. I have to say these bad boys definitely did something because my ovaries are feeling pretty tingly and alive tonight. The appointment was good, I have a lot of confidence this guy knows what he’s doing, he’s very highly recommended and works closely with my clinic. Another appointment with him scheduled for next Monday in which he will lay down his diet rules. Goodbye, alcohol. 😦


10 thoughts on “Monday snapshot: tiny needles edition

  1. This makes me cringe just looking at it! But I’m glad you’re getting on board with this whole IVF thing. πŸ˜‰ I know it’s hard to get started so I’m proud of you for going for it (said in a totally loving and not condescending way!!).

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