18 months


My little man you are a YEAR AND A HALF OLD.

Holy moly.

Here you are at your 18 month appointment:

L says “Hi!” from his 18 month well visit!

Your stats from this month:

Weight: 30 lbs 4 oz (90-95%)

Height: 33 3/4″ (90-95%)

Head Circumference ~19 1/4″  (85%)

You have slowed down on growth and weight gain considerably as is expected in the second year of life, but you’re still on the big n tall end. I have a feeling you might be slightly taller than your Dad, but you definitely seem to have his bone structure – big ribs and a muscular build.You are firmly in 2T clothing, with a few 3Ts (eek!) in a couple of brands /styles (like t-shirts and sweatshirts – those big ribs!).

big, strong, puddle-stompin’ toddler dude at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Your second Halloween was during this month, you were Bam Bam from the Flinstones. You loved going around trick-or-treating. Though you don’t eat the candy yet, it was really fun to take you from door to door. You were too shy to say “hi” or “trick or treat” but you would happily accept candy into your bucket and wave “bye-bye” to each person.

Bam bam, sans bat. Thanks for the photo, Anika Steffen Photography


trick or treating, here we come!

We finally got a break from teething this month, you still have 16 teeth and the eye teeth have wiggled their way further and further in, giving you a totally toothy grin. I’m guessing we’ll have a a few months of a break until your 2 year molars start working their way in. Hopefully not for a while, I’ve heard these are the worst – they take a loooong time! I’m planning to enjoy this brief lapse in slobber and snot :).

not too happy at your sickie appointment when you had to get your ears irrigated and figured out you had an ear infection.

Instead dealing with teeth, we had a few other illnesses over the past month. You caught a nasty cold that developed into your first ear infection early on in your 17th month. Then, just as you were feeling better, on your last day of antibiotics, you caught a very nasty flu bug a couple of days before Thanksgiving. Thankfully, the flu was brief (lasted one evening for about 5 hours) and you woke up the next morning full of energy and ready to eat again.

smiles even though you had the flu. ❤

You were a trooper through both illnesses and have been continuing to sleep pretty well for the most part, about 12 hours straight through every night. Naps are more hit or miss, but we usually get at least 45 minutes at some point. The doc says this is fine as long as you’re getting at least 13 hours cumulative throughout the day and night.

my sweet little turkey.

It was very good the flu was brief, so we could enjoy your second Thanksgiving with the B family. Thanks for having us over, Grandma B and Grandpa B! Despite my best attempts at getting you to eat turkey, you mostly feasted on mashed potatoes and chocolate cake :-O

Mmmm, mashed potatoes!

New or current favorite words are “No!” (it seems you forgot yes when you learned no!), “open,” “close,” “button,” “horsey” (current name for the dog, despite correcting you each time that he’s actually “doggie” or “puppy” or “Bent”),  “car,” “blocks,” “choo-choo”, and “beep beep.”

snuggling with your “horsey”

Your sense of humor has started developing more and more. See story above about insisting on calling our rather large dog “horsey.” Another funny tidbit, when we visited Grandma H over the past month, you ran into the door frame with your head. I paused before scooping you up, waiting to see if you would cry, but instead you turned around, looked at me, and bonked yourself in the head with an open hand, as if to say “silly me, mom! I ran into the door!” and then scampered off. I could not stop laughing, it was so unexpected. I really should have been more mindful and left the room before laughing so you no don’t think hitting yourself is hilarious.

you keep me laughing, for sure!

On the food front, it seems you are starting to be more particular, you typical toddler. When not on a crazy growth spurt, I only get 1-2 solid meals out of you a day. Current faves are mac n cheese, hot dogs, cheese, yogurt, sausage, cooked carrot, eggs, and all sorts of fruit. I still give you whatever we’re eating for dinner, but if you refuse to eat, I will try to give you some old toddler standbys rather than you going hungry. I sneak veggies with veggie and fruit purees, though I continue to give you a sampling of whatever we’re eating and sometimes you comply. It’s a work in progress, always!

“I don’t always eat, but when I do I prefer cupcakes.”

I love you, my sweet boy!

❤ your mama

Now, for the random photo bomb:

L and his cousin


L and Dada at Lincoln Park Zoo


Books! I love books!


Ridiing on the forklift with Grandpa H
Baby jail is fun!


WHOA! Horsey’s mouth is BIG!


Don’t worry, this was in the driveway. Grandma H is no Britney Spears, I promise!


until next month, xoxo L

11 thoughts on “18 months

  1. Umm.. I think that dog looks like a horse too!

    Man alive, we’re going through the food issues too right now. I think it makes sense – I mean – we don’t like everything that’s put in front of us, right? But it is so frustrating!

    He is so solid!

  2. He is just the cutest little dude!!! And like I mentioned on Twitter, I think Alidia agrees and has a little crush! 😉

    The photo of him hugging his horsey… oops, I mean doggie… is just about the most adorable photo I’ve ever seen. What a sweetie. And hilarious that he insists on calling him horsey since he definitely does resemble a horse about as much as a dog!

    He looks like such a happy little boy, even when feeling pretty sicky. What a trooper. Great reading the update. Happy year and a half!!! 🙂

  3. I agree about Bentley. I think you need to get his DNA tested to make sure he’s all dog! 😉

    I love the update on L! He’s such a big, solid, gorgeous boy! He makes me smile everytime I see a pic. And he’s doing so well with his vocab. Sofia is wayyy behind him in that regard!

    P.S. Forgive me for being absent of late. With twitter I’ve been remiss about commenting and just today I realized that I never added your new site to my reader! Eeeek! ❤ ya!!

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