the Monday snapshot: toddler mutiny edition

We had an extremely busy, exhausting, but amazing weekend. I had the privilege of playing host to  few wonderful house guests (hi Josey and Arch Mama and families, thanks for coming to visit!) and meeting up with several wonderful blog friends old and new at ChiBLOGo. I want to write more about the incredibly weekend later, but today I want to just focus on one thing: how cray cray a toddler can get when he or she is running low on fumes. Namely, my toddler boy.

Because, you guys? I got my ass handed to me by one 31ish pound gremlin baby on Saturday. It was epic. I have never lost my patience quite so completely. My boy was sick – he’s had a runny nose and cough (and as I found out today, his first ear infection), and overtired, overdrawn, and just over. it. I was so frustrated and also tired, and I am in no way proud of how I handled the situation.

But we survived with some tears of exhaustion and frustration from both him and me.

And ranch dressing.


Yes, the ranch dressing helped us very much.


6 thoughts on “the Monday snapshot: toddler mutiny edition

  1. Ranch dressing can solve any problem as far as I’m concerned 🙂 I think all things considered all of the kids were great….it was a super long day for them and I think everyone, parents included did a wonderful job!!!

  2. I thought you handled things well – that was not an easy night for most of us! Tired kids do not mix with a long sit-down dinner. Miss Ohkay had the right idea 😉 I didn’t even notice what was going on with Cheeks because I was wrangling Matthew. Ugh.

    I hope Cheeks is feeling better. Ear infections are so awful.

    I sure enjoyed meeting you! I wish we’d have been able to chat more.

  3. Girl, you were sitting across from me and I didn’t notice a thing! Dinner was a shit show…all the babies were CRAY. Don’t be to hard on yourself! 🙂

    Hope L feels better soon! They all seem to have picked up something, but something different EACH. WTF?

  4. haha, Josey rolled into my house this summer when I was smack in the middle of a 30 lb toddler breakdown and a 2 month old colicky baby breakdown. To say that it was a shitshow is an understatement. So I have no doubt she thought nothing of you guys going nuts…I’d already broken her in. 🙂 I’m sorry L is sick though, that blows.

  5. Ranch dressing, as we all know, is good on everything. Salad. French fries. Spaghetti (you should try it sometime). And toddlers, clearly. 🙂 What a day you had! I hope L is feeling better, poor little (but not so little) guy! 😦

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