a tribute to TBD…

to the always lovely and witty SRB,

A tribute to TBD

Welcome to another edition of your online baby shower of sorts, a tribute to your sweet surprise second Little Chicken Nugget, the one and only TBD!

SRB, it’s been great to get to know you over the past half a year. {Has it only been that long? It seems like we’ve known each other longer?  Right, we sort of have, you blog stalker, you? :)} You are a kind, compassionate, funny, witty, caring, loving person and I feel extremely lucky to have gotten to know you and be able to count you among my friends. I am so excited for you to add another little nugget to your family and for the one only HGB to get the a little brother, a partner in crime. TBD, you are one lucky little man, you have no idea. Your Mama and Dada are going to love you so hard and are so excited that you’re on your way.

On to the GIFTS bit of this soiree – I picked up a couple of my fave cloth diaper  goodies at my local store this weekend that I would want if I was having kid number two. Coming soon to you, SRB – to be hand delivered this weekend actually!!! are the following:

First, we have planet wise size medium wet bag so you no longer have to use a ziploc in your diaper bag, my friend.

I *think* you will love the print, but if I’m wrong, we’ll talk returns when I see you!

And second, one Tots Bots three little piggies All-in-One. I know you have diapers you LOVE, but these are my absolute fave, the velcro is super easy to get the right fit and close, and it may just help you be a little more efficient when you’re on the go and wrangling two bebes.

Again, if this was a bad idea, no worries! I can exchange!

Happy virtual shower, my friend! I cannot wait to shower you with gifts and a real HUG of congratulations in person TOMORROW! Love you my friend and so excited for you to add another little nugget to your family!


Mellow Mama


One thought on “a tribute to TBD…

  1. So, a couple of things…

    I am OBSESSED with the diaper. I love it SO MUCH that I kind of wish it was MY underwear. I don’t even care how that sounds. HGB has been, um, breaking it in. It is just TOO CUTE not to use! I had to! Also, BJB wishes to thank you profusely for the diaper bag as he finally confessed that my ziploc bag system made him sad too.

    AL – You are the first ALI blog I ever found, ever read religiously, and blogger I truly felt connected with. Even if I did secretly stalk you for a while before I found some courage and eventually my own voice. Our journeys to our boys are so eerily similar (even born 10 days apart…what!?!) that I have always felt connected to you, again, even though you didn’t know it. This sounds way creepier than I mean it to…I mean it in a NICE WAY DAMMIT! Reading your words helped me to name and process a lot of what I was going through silently, and I can never truly thank you adequately for that. What you have done for me here… it is just more of the same. You have helped me heal, friend. Thank you. Thank you so much.


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