the Monday Snapshot: lazy Sunday edition

football watching

our goofy family watching Sunday football

Most of our weekend was spent on a cleaning and reorganizing spree around our little townhouse that we never never seems to be complete. My husband kept pushing on Sunday to get more accomplished, clean out this closet, clean off this bookshelf, etc, etc. He’s happy to veg out most of the time, but when he gets motivated to do something, the perfectionist in him makes him not want to stop until the job is DONE. Which, in this case, is actually going to take months. But really, let’s be honest, we’re never going to be totally happy with it because what we really want is a new house, and that’s not going to happen anytime soon given our current mortgage and the real estate market in our area (in case you haven’t heard, it is CRAP). 

Anyway, after a lot of running around, cleaning, organizing, etc, I convinced my husband it was time to call it a day on our cleaning efforts and time to head downstairs for some R&R. This is my favorite part of our weekend, our son snuggling with us on the couch, watching football, and making goofy faces as he looks at himself on the iPhone camera. I am so lucky to have such a goofy kid and loving husband. ❤


11 thoughts on “the Monday Snapshot: lazy Sunday edition

  1. Cute!! Sounds like it was a lounge (or at least stay at home kind of weekend for many people). Ours was so boring I don’t even have one picture to post for The Monday Snapshot!

  2. Everything in our house has to stop for football…it’s a good thing my daughter loves how animated her daddy gets while watching or we’d be nuts!

    I so hear you on the whole new house thing….we too are stuck in a townhouse and SOOO need to get out! At least it makes cozy family time easy!

    Cute pic!

  3. Ha! Classic. The ONLY way I can get HGB to pose is to look at himself and stick out his tongue!

    Boo! Mortgages! We’re looking for houses and I want to poop my pants. 😦 hope your area picks up sooooooooon!

  4. How cute! I just love that family photo. I love it when not everyone is 100% in the frame and you can just tell that it was a happy moment, lucky enough to be caught in a photo!

  5. I’ve been meaning to email you for the new blog, and here I found it! I really love your new blog! I hope B is ok- let us know biopsy results. And the costume is so adorable!

  6. You three are adorable!! Glad you took some time to relax… it sounds like it was needed. And relaxing always feels better after lots of cleaning, organizing, etc. because you know you earned it! 🙂

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