Halloween: Bam Bam and Frankendog

Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you’re aware Halloween was yesterday. In fact, if you were on Facebook, you were well aware it was Halloween by the incredible number of cute kids in costumes plastered all over your timeline or page or whatever they’re calling it now (did I just become an old lady?). Man, the kidswere cuuuute. Related: my uterus hurts.

Anyway. I had grand plans of tackling a sewing project for the first time and making my boy a cute Bam Bam costume. I mean, how hard could it be? Even if it was all jagged and terrible it would be okay, because it’s supposed to look barbaric, right? I bought fabric for all of $5 and brought it home. I set up my sewing machine. I tried to figure out how to piece together a simple skirt. Then I brought the fabric to my Mama’s house and asked her to help me. Which she got all giddy about finally having a sewing project, sewed most of it. I did sew the elastic in place and got my hands dirty a bit. I’m hoping I can get more acquainted with my machine soon so I can make Mr Mellow (that’s what I’ll call my husband here, k?)a t-shirt quilt for Christmas. Regardless, the kid was Bam Bam – success! Which, if you know my son’s rough and tumble, conquer all of the things personality, you know it was a pretty perfect fit.

Love, love this boy.


What? Never seen a 17 month old boy in an animal print skirt before? Did I mention he has a bat?

It was a fun night. We took Bam Bam trick-or-treating to a few houses around the neighborhood. He seemed to really enjoy it, but would literally freeze and be rendered speechless when the owners would open their doors. No tears at all – he just would stare at them. He waved good bye once or twice…and that was it. Then we took him over to my in-laws to show off our little Bam Bam. No shyness there! All in all, it was a great second Halloween for us with our little tyke.

I am so excited for next year to see what he wants to be, how much he’ll have changed and how quickly he’ll bound from front door to front door.

Today was our 5 year old doggie’s Halloween, as he was turned into Frankendog. A bit of a backstory: a few months ago, I noticed a small lump on my dog’s side that looked like it was a tick. I inspected it, figured it was some sort of scab, hoped it would go away, and didn’t think much more of it. When we went in for the dog’s yearly visit two weeks ago, I mentioned the lump as an issue to the tech. To my surprise, the doctor said that it was concerning and that he thought it needed to be biopsied or removed that day. We went ahead and removed the lump and sent it off to pathology. It turned out to be melanoma. The vet recommended additional surgery to get all of the borders around the lump and also an x-ray. The surgery and x-ray were this morning, thankfully there was no sign it had spread to his lungs, and the surgery went well.

That’s about a 6 inch incision and it has a lot of tension. poor guy. (note: this is a 140 pound great Dane. That incision is significant.)

The vet removed as much tissue as possible and left my poor puppy with a half-foot of gnarly looking sutures. It is bad, you guys. Really bad looking. The picture doesn’t do it justice. I seriously cannot look at the incision without starting to cry for my poor dog. But hopefully we got all of those nasty cancer cells and he’ll be good as new in a few weeks. We’ll get the results from the tissue they removed today mid-next week, but hopefully it will be good news that it’s all gone and my dog has a good few more years left ahead of him!

sad puppy

I love this sweet, silly boy.

Cross your fingers for our sweet boy, if you don’t mind. And in completely unrelated news (or related if you think your husband injecting you with old lady pee is terrifying, which, you know it kind of is, but it’s just another day at our house), I started injections for my third foll.istim/IUI cycle today, at 150 units (highest dose yet – 1st, 75 units, 2nd, 125 units). We waited until day 5 because my lining was still very thick on day 3. Other day 3 stats looked good – 18 AFC, 7.5 FSH (in the normal range – very odd for me). So, I don’t know. Here we go again. I’m just, coasting this time. After the last two tries haven’t worked, I’m not expecting anything, but I’m well aware that anything is possible. If this last shot doesn’t work, my RE will likely recommend IVF, which we will wait at least a few months on. Here we go again.

Oh, and this happened yesterday. The kid just started singing happy birthday randomly. Over and over again.

I died from the cute.


5 thoughts on “Halloween: Bam Bam and Frankendog

  1. Ha, I love the costume!

    I’ve been thinking about little Bentley a lot. I’m so, so hoping things turn out okay. We almost lost one of our dogs a couple of years ago so I can relate. Our dog had to go through a spinal tap and an MRI in addition to loads of other tests. She was so sick and I was a complete wreck. She was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder and after trying a bunch of different meds, she is the happiest little girl and is very healthy.

    There’s just something about the strength of a dog that amazes me. They are so brave and so strong. I know Bentley will make it through this and you are doing so much to make sure he has a great life. There are many people that wouldn’t do (or spend) what you are. You’re doing a wonderful job. Hang in there!

  2. Since Janet doesn’t talk and so can’t say trick or treat, she did her evil laugh for treats. We really only went to people on our cul-de-sac who know us and a few friends who live nearby which was basically an excuse to show off the baby and chat.

  3. OMG the cuteness factor!! LOVE me some BamBam. Lexi was Rapunzel and we only went to the Mall to trick or treat. Way too cold for me. But she did make out better than years past, so we may make the mall an annual event, so long as she agrees.

    Hoping your furbaby recovers quickly. I have 2 Black Labs and a foster Aussie Shepherd. So I know how much dogs can play into your family. Sending lots of furbaby love to him.

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