New beginning

I used to blog – for three plus years – on a blogger blog. My original blog (which shall remain unnamed) was with me through so much – through infertility testing, to treatments, to pregnancy, loss, and the eventual birth of my baby boy in May 2011.

After our son arrived, my old space didn’t quite fit right. It was always designed to be a place to document our journey to our first child, I didn’t feel as comfortable writing about motherhood, my child, my marriage there. I found a new space was necessary – a new home to house my new and different fears and even more, a home to document the joy that my child brings me every day. It didn’t feel right to go back to the same old place to document my new life.

New life – new me – new beginnings – New blog.

So, here it is. My new home on the interwebs. I’m sure a lot of the content will stay the same as my old IF blog, as we’re knee-deep in treatments to try to conceive #2. But I also plan to write more about my trials as a Mom, as a wife, as a friend, as a sister, as a runner, and as a woman..

Pull up a chair. Get comfortable. I hope we’ll be here a while.


5 thoughts on “New beginning

  1. I could have written this post myself. (Wait, I think I did. I also just recently moved to a new blog space for the very same reason after blogging our IF journey for 3 years elsewhere.) Good luck in your new space!

  2. Really proud you, lady! Though your old space got *me* through some tough times, I LOVE this new space. So glad to still be walking down the road with you. I brought my own chair, possibly an ottoman. xoxo 🙂

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